This barn is a typical period Cotswold cow shed. It is proposed to convert this now redundant barn to residential use and to ensure the long-term preservation of this beautiful edifice. In considering this change of use, we had to make value judgements about what features were worth preserving to safeguard the interest and integrity of the building.

Historically the animals were kept in pens lined up along the south side of the plan. Consequently the windows in this wall are set up high. The first floor was for the storage of hay. The roof structure is held in place by green oak frames, the lower horizontal tension members are about one meter above floor level, thus compartmentalizing and restricting movement on this floor.

Rather than cutting and destroying this structure, we propose creating an elevated walkway, just below the windows parallel to the south façade. From this walkway Individual bedroom boxes set in between the chunky oak structure, can be accessed via short sets of stairs. The area below this walkway can accommodate storage units, to include kitchen units, washing machine, dryer and boiler. The frames remain visible from ground level and new roof lights will allow for additional light to trickle down to the large open plan living space. It is proposed to execute this intervention in traditional timber joinery, the architectural idea clearly being strong enough to differentiate old an new.