The point of departure is to respect the privacy of the neighbours both to the north and south and to arrange the buildings so that each unit overlooks an individual courtyard/garden. All the units face into a westerly direction.

A cobbled one-way street runs down the centre of the linear site, so that houses can be arranged on both sides – thereby maximizing the number of dwellings. With little building land on either side, I am proposing that the houses could cantilever over the street, offering protective roofs above the entrances. The houses are arranged in an alternating pattern so that each unit has a private courtyard, defined by the perimeter walls of the surrounding buildings.

It is proposed that the dwellings be built as highly insulated timber structures. Timber is a completely renewable resource and the compact stud walls offer the greatest thermal efficiency, whilst taking up little space. This will also allow a large degree of prefabrication, with the advantages of fast erection, precision building and minimal disturbance to neighbours coming together. There is no doubt that ship lapped timber houses are attractive and have wide appeal.