This modest two bedroom town house is a single aspect building overlooking a typical Victorian London Street dominated by vernacular stock brick terraced houses. Our point of departure was to develop a contemporary brick townhouse, polite to its neighbours, vernacular in construction, but simple, free of ornament and of our time.

Clearly the main living space is the most important, and the entire first floor offers one generous open plan room, light and open up into the rafters. The two bedrooms and bathrooms are at ground floor level creating a plinth for the the ‘Piano Nobile’ above. The fenestration reflects the hierachy of spaces and construction. The smaller cellular rooms at ground floor level, where the structural load is greatest have smaller windows than the capacious reception room above.

A shallow flight of external steps takes the visitor straight to the first floor entrance level. The bedrooms each benefit from french windows opening onto the ground level front garden. The building was designed in accordance with the ‘building for life standards’ and the internal staircase has been designed for the retrofitting of a wheel chair lift. The master bathroom and the kitchen are also designed to allow wheelchair use.