Private House

The entrance way to a back-land site serves as an infill plot. We retained a passage wide enough for a car. This has the advantages of creating additional habitable space and closing a gap in an otherwise continuous Victorian terrace.

The brick street façade blends into its setting and takes up the building line and the parapet height of the neighbours.

The brick construction is only 2m deep, creating an outward illusion of a solid traditional build. The remaining part of the building is a highly insulated timber structure and its walls and roof are clad in a standing seam colour coated metal to match the ‘Tin House’.

The arch takes its inspiration from John Soane. We used lyme mortar to avoid expansion joints. For it to work as an arch, the horizontal forces needed to be taken up either side of the arch, so it is fortuitous that we had small rooms to accommodate either side of the passageway.